Artistry Muse - Comfy & Dressy  Hey dere guys! Hope you all had a...
March 02, 2013 / 6 ♥ / Comments

Comfy & Dressy 

Hey dere guys! Hope you all had a great Friday! I was too busy yesterday to post these, but here they are now!

You know those when you wanna dress up, but don’t wanna feel like you’re dressing up? Yesterday was one of those days. I wanted to wear this striped tee dress, since it’s so comfy but since it’s a dress it gives a sense that I took time to pick out my outfit. I also paired the dress with a denim jacket because denim jackets go with everything and they keep you warm. You know me, I gotta add some color and I paired my outfit with these maroon tights. For accessories, my usual heart pendant necklace, gold plate belt and Aldo Hetzel booties! Have a great weekend guys! 

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