Artistry Muse - Orange - the original neon  Hey guys! How goes...
April 11, 2013 / 7 ♥ / Comments

Orange - the original neon 

Hey guys! How goes it? Unfortunately, the nice weather came to an end to quickly for now. But I took a few shots of my outfit from yesterday so it’s OK!

Neon is came back from last spring, such as bright pinks, greens and yellows. But no ever wears orange! It’s a color that goes with every single skin color! It makes you look tanner and illuminated! So don’t shy away from it ladies! I paired this printed orange drop-waist dress from Urban Outfitters with a Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket! For accessories, my heart pendant necklace, Anne Klein watch, beaded bracelet and nude flats from Payless. Have a great weekend guys!

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