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June 20, 2013 / 14 ♥ / Comments

I Graduated! 

Hello there! How have you been doing? 

As you can see from the title and the pictures, I graduated yesterday! It kinda still hasn’t hit me that I graduated high school and I’m going to be going to college soon. I won’t be seeing many of my friends that I grew up with and I’ll be starting a new life. It’s quite scary but exciting at the same time!

If you guys are wondering who the lovely lady next to me in the second picture is, it’s my Mommy! I couldn’t have done anything without her. Being a single Mom and raising 4 kids by herself, she is Super Woman. She gives  us everything we need and more even if she doesn’t have much to offer. I am completely blessed to have her as a Mom and just had to share her with you guys because she’s where I get my fashion sense from x) 

Have a great weekend guys and I hoping to put an OOTD up tomorrow!

* Last picture credited to Carin Yao

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