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December 31, 2013 / 13 ♥ / Comments

I’m Feelin’ Christmas-y!

Hey guys! Happy New Year’s Eve!(From here in the states) Long time no talk! I thought I put this outfit up but I guess not! So this will be my 2nd to last post for 2013! 

Anyways! So this outfit was from a video I did for “What To Wear For Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve” Ft. Buytrends so check it out. So obviously from the title this was the Christmas outfit. During the Christmas time, my family participates in a choir and we sing during a Filipino mass that is part of Sibang Gabi and we all wear red and black so this is what I will be wearing! I really like this outfit cause it’s cute and comfy! 

 Stay safe today you guys & thank you so much for the year! I’ve gained so many followers and I am so grateful and I can’t wait for what 2014v will bring! Love you guys! MuuuAH!

  • Blazer - Thrifted
  • Lace Dress- Forever21
  • Tights - Macy’s
  • Belt - Forever21
  • Oxford Heels - Forever21

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