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Can Spring Come Already? 

Hi guys! Hope you all have been well. I’m sorry for not posting any outfit posts for a while but the weather — again — has been crazy here on the East Coast so it’s hard to put together a nice outfit when it’s super cold outside, and when you have no place to go. Yes, school has taken over my life but anyways let’s talk about this outfit! 

Excuse the yuckiness of my sneakers but they’re all I’ve been wearing since my boots are just too old. So it’s been nice for a while so I took advantage and decided to sport this outfit for a date night. Usually on date nights I like to wear dresses to ya know make me feel more like a girl so I chose this striped dress and paired it with an oversized cardigan; gotta have those tights too! For accessories, a heart pendant necklace from the boyfriend, a gold-buckle belt, a black beanie and the yucky sneaks LOL. 

Hope you all have a great week! MuuuAH! <3 :)

  • Periwinkle Cardigan - Mom’s Closet/ Aeropostale
  • Striped Dress - dELiA’s
  • Heart Pendant Necklace - Gifted from the BF
  • Belt - Thrifted
  • Tights - Macy’s
  • Sneakers - H&M

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